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Default Getting ?

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Switched days yesterday due to having to "work" today and went to tondu to set Priest up as the spare gun with no1 Luep.

First time using no1 luep with new glasses and it seemed to be over ranging by a few meters, so like no 27 probaly needs the wheel moved.
Not getting on with the goldfish specs though as they are giving me headache and i think i am going to take them back after Anston.

It was too hot (21) to do much shooting so apart from photos of the kneeling position using the bag in various ways i did not do much shoopting other than setting up.

Went strimming instead as Tondu seems to be in extra bloom this year and alot of work is needed to clear for the gp again.
Did take our latest young member and his grandfather round the practise course for a few shots (its Garth all over again?) but seem to have done something to my lower left back again while strimming, so dont think i will shoot before Anston now as its a bit uncomftable to say the least.
Getting you excuses ready for sunday hey big boy ? gotta shoot a proper course at anston ??? HOLLY
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