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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
The rules could do with clearing/cleaning up IMO, but as pointed out, it needs bodies to marshal them.

There's the same problem with clothing under the fore-end of the stock... it's very difficult to tell if it's supporting without asking someone, and people who don't ask might thus assume it's ok for them to do, not seeing that it's just touching and not supporting (as per the wording of the rules).

As a curve ball, when do people think the rules should be enforced... when the trigger breaks or as soon as you're in the gate. For example, to stop myself falling down the hill on one of the last lanes in italy, i braced myself against the post as i got into position and rangefound... the marshal was going potty, but i made sure I wasn't when the shot was taken. I was more concerned about being able to see the target and making sure I didn't fall down the hill, before I loaded the springer, not while i was having a go . But it raises a point... if you're illegal but not on shot then do we need people to watch the whole shot, or just when the shot is taken... ie perhaps a remote camera wouldn't suffice...
Rob, do you think we could stand against a tree to range, and then take the shot ?,
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