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Originally Posted by Mog View Post
Just noticed that after a 100 posts I'm now a Senior Member. This got me thinking again about age sections in HFT competitions. We have various junior age groups catered for in comps, some with there own section, and some within 'Open' sections with added points. What about something similar for the over 60's? I'm not suggesting extra points or separate sections, though I believe that in World FT comps there is a senior section, what I would like to see is maybe an 'S' next to senior competitors names so that we can compare our performances to those of a similar age. I know that due to failing eyesight and a failing body, I'm not the shot that I was 20 years ago, and that I'm very unlikely to be in contention during comps, but it would be good to measure myself against contemporaries. What does the membership think? Before you answer, remember that should you survive that long, you're all potential seniors, but you'll never be juniors again.
You'll be wanting stair lifts to get you up inclines and a cup of cocoa for when you've finish next! What abuot others with failing bodies/eyes? Mike Issaacs is Gods old school chum and he does well against the young whipper snappers and IJ can hold his own as well!


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