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Default What is legal?

I did some pics yesterday while setting up the spare gun, to show the bag being used for various kneeling positions.

two feet and one knee, unless the seat is being used to keep the knee clean, in which case only two feet actually need be in contact with the ground.

My prefered kneeling position. Using perhaps half to one inch of the bag to rest on and keep my knee clean.

This was steadier, I will call it the Fishing position. Thanks for tip Keeps the knee clean as per rule, but takes more weight across the leg. As the rules dont state how much of the bag is to be used to keep the knee clean, I can see nothing worng with it and all can use it.

This is the Ankle support position, i call it the Calps as he was the first i noticed using it many years ago.

I dont find it works with a larger bag. I am too high and can rock back and fourth. the bag can unbalence me if set up wrongly as it may be one sided and push me over to one side. Faffing around on the clock with this is not an option.
I could not get my knee onto the ground in this position, but that was mainly due to the trouses being too tight!
so does that make it illegal?
Not if a shooter says he is using the bag to keep his knee clean?

Small bag
Again not very comfy to me but perhaps thats as i dont usually use the position and the bag was strange to me too. Was easier than the large bag though.

Now if anyone wants to put forward reasons as to why any of the above should not be used, they can do. But unless you raise it in your region and bring to the AGM in november I cant see any reason for them to carry on. after all, they are useable to all.

As it happens, this was my most stable position

its my sitting position

and it was only slighlty more stable than this "kneeling" position, one of the alternative kneeling positions

but I am now under the impression it should be taken like this, feet together. It made it less stable and more akin to the kneeling positions above / top

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