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I add / subtract clicks. We shot at Hull a few weeks ago and I ended up adding 8 clicks (1/8th MOA). I added 4 to start with and then went back and re-filled the gun. Continued plinking and decided it needed another 4 clicks. When I first arrived on the plinking range the gun shot fine for the first 10 shots but slowly dropped away. The gun needed the clicks removing the next time I shot it and it was fine (no clicks needed) at Woodend and Anston.

I would say that Anston was as cold as Hull.

Shooting is a funny old game - let the gun aclimatise on the day and then see what it needs on the plinking range. People up and down the plinking range put 10 pellets through their guns and announce to everyone that theirs doesn't shift with temp - you see them after the comp cursing they number of targets the hit low / high.


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