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Default marshalling shooter's

Originally Posted by Winds of change View Post
Get rid of bean bags on kneeling lanes, job done. i can see in the photo section on here if you look you can see people clearly in the kneeling position with the larger bags are puffed up and sat on em. have a look.
Every one has seen the picture's and seen the people in question at the shoot doing the wrong thing.
Nobody say's anything, personally i go to a shoot to do my best and enjoy the company of the fellow shooter's that you are told to shoot with.
Can you imagine just how good a morning shooting you are going to have,if you tell your shooting partner your giveing him /her 2 zero's for doing thing's wrong?
I personaly think this should be the responsability of a proper marshal,some one that is not going to have to sit down and try to shoot two target's in 1 minute thirtyfor every lane after .
In the past i have been taken to one side and told how i should do thing's,and i have nothing but respect for the shooter's that set me straight.
As a novice people make mistake's as double A shooter's your takeing the mick.
I agree with conor EDUCATION is key,demonstrate at the briefing and if you do it wrong after that maybe warning.
But if we are going to have a commitee that take the time to make rule's for the sport,then let's all adhere to them.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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