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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Suppose the point I am trying to make is that not so long ago we hung drew and quartered a guy on here for taking his standing shots in the alternate position - which was legal at the time - not sure if it is still legal now as I have not seen the new rules - but the orther rules which are blatently broken we don't care about or if you do mention about someone taking a shot in x position, for instance on the kneelers, the reply generally is oh thats such and such he always does it that way and we just accept this as being ok.

Are these rules only enforced if someone comes along and starts to put in good scores?

I think you have a point Matt, most shooters will get away with all sorts until they become a threat to the top few percent of competitors. People in the lower grades dont take the sport as seriously as those in the top 50% of AA where even one point can make the difference between a winner and an all so ran
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