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Default Sunday of Bench Rest

Last Sunday we had a little Bench Rest tournament bench rest at 25 meters in the Club, Was wind & rain, anyway we decided do it.

I was late so I had my turn at last. All present had shot, the highest score was 222 points so far.

As I sat in the BR I see that the JSB cleaned and lubricated was finished... oh!!!

Opened a new tin and there was no choice for lubricate, I use right of tin. To shoot sighters was change my POI was hitting 1/4 dot above and 1/4 to the right of zero and had no chance to re-align the scope for being late and that more or less compensate for variations and went well, I was lucky. 223 points, one point above the first so far, which I placed first.

For being late and having placed first, the other shooters wants a second round, I was better, 231 points, which put me in undisputed first place once again. There wasn't another round. Second place was 222 points with a steyr lg 110 .177 and third 216 with AR20.

Definitely was a lucky day!

After BR was calmly doing "damage count" with my disaligned reticle, I realized some 25 meters shoots and was pellet on pellet, lol. Not going back to wash or lubricate the pellets for my AA!

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