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Originally Posted by mjoh View Post
I have the same problem shooting that "old fashioned" overarm method now its warmer. I have tried several times to shoot off the knee -- the rifle wobbles all over the show, my legs are tense and I cant breathe! Shooting overarm I am relaxed and steady ( apart from my pulse bumping the cross hairs up and down in the kill area - you get used to that!).
Whats the secret to off the knee? Several club members have shown me what they do - but I just cant get on with it.
If you are bunched over , then you need more elevation under the forend of the rifle . a lifter of some sort will do the job . then because you are higher use the rifles sling to get more stability , plus a good butt hook to hold it in the shoulder . then you can shoot in the nude with no worries . well maybe the ants ??? HOLLY
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