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Originally Posted by rogb View Post
Following Rob's excellent concise FT rules post, there are some fun variations that you can use.

Last Saturday, we had an FT fun shoot using golf rules over 10 lanes/ 20 targets . Same FT distances, positionals etc except we had plenty of 15mm reducers as the close targets in some lanes. 5 shots allowed per target, lowest score ( ie 20 points) wins. If you took all 5 shots and didn't get it ( yup), then you score 7 points.
I was cruising along on 1s and 2s until I came across a pretty standard 35mm at 50 yards, for some reason (tw*t)I ranged it at 55, so I had a lovely little group of 5 just above the KZ

I think we might give HFT golf a go sometime, at least you get plenty of shooting done if you are crap, more practice = get better, that is the theory!
Good stuff.

To save us stringing a course, we used to run 6 lanes of 6 targets... and call a cease after all the lanes had been shot. That meant we could get people on and rotated as they turned up. In each lane the targets got further out one by one, and we had stuff like reducer lanes, or standing or kneeling lanes or all of them... which gave people a chance to concentrate on their weaker skillsets... there were really long ones or high ones etc...

The other idea i've toyed with is FT golf... (make it around the course in the shortest amount of shots)... or FT snooker... shoot a red then choose a target of a difficulty for the points...
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