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Originally Posted by hotversion View Post
HI guys n gals,i have a not that this,ive got money 2gerther now for a proper FT scope,i had a nikko st,nighteater 10 50x60,the thing is ive got my heart set on a new falcon T50 10 50x60 from BAR as am going to blackpool anyway,also as its new i will have a 1year waranty ect,and they seem to have a very good reputation,but i still have a nagging at the back of my mind about buying a second hand dimond????? what do u think.
Know someone whos got a falcon and hes been struggeling getting to grips with rangefinding in different light conditions although all scopes can have theese diff charicteristics the nikko seems a lot more managable and easy to learn ...although cant comment myself only other scope i had was a mtc viper 8 32 50 and it was poop at ranging above 45 yd dint learn owt wi it never looked back wit nikko. They also have a 15 year warranty so long as you have the origional receipt so if buying one second hand its worth asking the seller if they have the receipt from new.
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