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Following Rob's excellent concise FT rules post, there are some fun variations that you can use.

Last Saturday, we had an FT fun shoot using golf rules over 10 lanes/ 20 targets . Same FT distances, positionals etc except we had plenty of 15mm reducers as the close targets in some lanes. 5 shots allowed per target, 1 shot=1 point, lowest score ( ie 20 points) wins. If you took all 5 shots and didn't get it ( yup), then you score 7 points.
I was cruising along on 1s and 2s until I came across a pretty standard 35mm at 50 yards, for some reason (tw*t)I ranged it at 55, so I had a lovely little group of 5 just above the KZ

I think we might give HFT golf a go sometime, at least you get plenty of shooting done if you are crap, more practice = get better, that is the theory!

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