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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
In the last 6 months i have changed my kneeling position due to my enlarged bollock which was aggrevated when i took kneelers, in fact i was probably hitting 30 - 40%.
My position used to be bag under knee just basically for comfort of uneven ground but for whatever reason this was putting strain on my groin area,obvious now as it must be something to do with my unsupported ankle.


I reduced my bag filling by another 25% which to be fair is more like a frisbee now than a cushion, i know roll the bag into a sausage roughly about 5 inches in diameter and support the ankle, this again for whatever reason takes the strain off my groin & my kneelers are back where they should be.

Maybe the issue is cushion size ? depth ?diameter ? i've seen some of the large bags used very effectivly for a seated kneeling shot as such.

In Hungary 2010 they measured depth of cushions,maybe they should be a set diameter and depth across the board ? so it is the same for everyone.

As for training with the same bag ? i've heard it all now , it's only for keeping your arse dry !

Only my opinion and i know it will be wrong, just thought i would type some random **** as there is **** all on the telly other than 22 over paid ***** stains kicking a pigs bladder around.
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