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Originally Posted by RyanM View Post
Won't work - you need to train with the bag, and you need to be able to use the same bag in a competition.

Unless you can get every club in the world to buy the same bean bag it wouldn't work, in fact if you could manage that it still wouldn't work. You might train a lot more than me, so my bean bag and yours will be different, and when we go to a shoot their bags could be brand new or well used - it would be a lottery.

You HAVE to be able to use the same kit, your kit, that you've been training with - the only answer is to set parameters for the size/shape of the bag, and have rules on its placement when shooting.
Your seriously saying that there's a major problem with the idea of every shooter using the same bag....I own 3 bean bags and which ever ends up in the boot of the car on shoot day gets used that day.....I think it's a wonderful idea,after all you only need your knee on it,
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