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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
To be fair Conor what simon's concerns are understandable, a simple solution would be to standardise the kneeling position to get away from people taking advantage and bending the rules( personally i think it is like you say in most instances lack of education towards the kneeling position). a solution would be for all shoots to provide a standard say 9" round bean bag and the rule state that your knee must be either on the bag or for no bag to be used at all and if you cannot kneel on the bag physicaly you stand for the shot.Steve
But then you'd still have to check the beanbag didn't touch the bum, which is one of the current objections... the beanbag doesn't need to be placed central. Another problem is juniors and ladies would need a smaller radius bag than people with size 11 feet...

A marshall on all the posiitional lanes sounds good, but then you'd need 5 marshalls, or at least another 3 to marshall the kneelers. That means more bodies. Now if people got off their keyboards and stuck their name down on a list as being volunteers for such then perhaps the BFTA would find the resources for such easier. Remember it would require you to be there start to finish all day. That's a big ask for me for when the nearest GP is a 120 miles away, but if I could commit to one I could do it. Unfortunately this year I couldn't.

If you had a box you had to fit your beanbag into then it might stop the Labrador beds which seem to be the most problematic.
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