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Default FT politics

[QUOTE=Mr P;93913]To be fair Conor what simon's concerns are understandable, a simple solution would be to standardise the kneeling position to get away from people taking advantage and bending the rules( personally i think it is like you say in most instances lack of education towards the kneeling position).

Lack of education applies to C grade through to B most A and AA know exactly how to take the kneeler's.
Some know exactly how to make them very easy,ie sit on the inflated bit of the large bag's.
I bought a bag like this and have not used it because it's hard to stop it from supporting what it should not.
I choose to role the bag under my ankle and it does take a lot of pressure of the rear foot,but i still sit on my heel and not the bag.
I have seen shooter's get up so fast from kneeler's that the target has hardly dropped.
These people know that they are not using the bag correctly and do so under the marshall's nose.
If the rule's were made simple and not open to how people read them,then maybe we could all stop moaning about some thing that will not get sorted.
That is until it ruffle's the wrong feather's then maybe some thing will be done.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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