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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Must admit I shoot kneelers illegally.

Due to being born with Talipese, sp???, I have weak ankles and feet, thus I cannot hold my foot in a vertical position. If I use my bag rolled up I am able to do so but as pointed out in this thread using a large bean bag it does tend to support other areas, thus I tend to use the bag to keep my knee clean and be very unstable on the kneeling position. The position I tend to adopt is having the foot in a flat vertical position.

Looking at other threads I could take the shot standing or even the disabled position but I know I am disadvantaged shooting the way I do and my results with kneeling show this - sometimes I hit everything others I struggle to get 50 % - however talk about having a marshall judging my position means I may now be forced to adapt either the standing position or disabled kneeling position, this is something I am not really happy with.

What have you been doing in GP series this season Matt? Are you still taking the 6 kneelers in each course from your disadvantaged position or are you standing for them? Just curious as I think the general consensus is if you can't kneel then stand?
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