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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Marc, I think your suggestion would ruin the sport, 55 - 60 yrd shots have been proven
Over here in Ireland to be a lottery.
Eliminating standing and kneeling shots would also
Detract from the sport.
Fair enough, just sick of the moaning about kneelers, the rules clearly state u can put your knee on your bag, but it doesnt say where on your bag, 3 inches only, half way across, all the way across, ??????
ive looked at all the photos from last years gp series, bfta champs, and at a guess 90% put there knee all the way across, with the bag supporting the ankle at the same time, i do the same, ive seen top shooters running the hamster along there arms as well not mention rolling the bag up, cramming it under the ankle, and it coming up either side of the ankle so u can sit on the bag as well, i think the rules need rewriting
with more detail, your idea of a standard roll, to support just the ankle sounds like a good idea to me, same for every one then, not sure about slings.... which is what this thread is supposed to be about, sorry never used one, as for shooting standers with mobile phones stuffed in a pocket, to rest on, has any one got 1980s mobile phone the size of a brick, that might come in handy on those standers, might need a big pocket though marc fisher
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