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Originally Posted by Matt View Post

Other thing pointed out was these people who support themselves on kneeling shots with their seats, should the rule be the kneecap is the only thing to touch seat on kneeling shots?

Just a couple of things Matt, can you explain what you meant by the term "these people"? Was it a grammatical error i.e. those or did you mean something else?
The rule as far as I'm aware states the bag may be used to support the ankle when kneeling.

You refer to the knee cap I.e. patella which is the flat protective bone on the front of the knee only allowed to touch the bag, this is impossible, as the shin bone (tibula) will also touch.

Anyway I have raised the issue about the bag as support before as the big bags can and do support more than is intended. I have seen them sat on whilst in a kneeling position!

My thoughts are to allow the use of an ISSF kneeling roll or similar with specified dimensions, only for use to support the ankle whilst kneeling, no issues there on extra support of the bum or thigh.
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