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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
The burden is on the other shooter(s) who have to buddy-marshall. Given the issues why not consider a call for volunteers at GPs so that each discipline lane has a technical marshall i.e. someone who is comfortable with the rules (as instructed by the Chief Marshall) and can oversee each shooter for the kneeler and stander. 5 lanes in all?
Just what they do is up to BFTA, etc - override the score? issue warning? issue advice? photo?

Just a thought.
Intresting points made here, not acctually seen anything in the rules that says you cannot use a pocket to support you or a mobile phone either may not be ethical but probably not against the rules,the kneecap only bit you would have to dislocate your leg and as for the 5 volunteers bit you will be lucky to get five marshalls in a day without trying to get five in a session. So what are these life changing issues in a sport that is totally ameture? Steve page
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