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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
I don't think there are rules against the above, the question about legality was asked at the last gp and a few others joined in.

Other thing pointed out was these people who support themselves on kneeling shots with their seats, should the rule be the kneecap is the only thing to touch seat on kneeling shots?

I think with how technical the sport is becoming these things are going to be raised more and more and I feel sorry for the bfta rule makers and also for the marshals trying to interpret them all.

The burden is on the other shooter(s) who have to buddy-marshall. Given the issues why not consider a call for volunteers at GPs so that each discipline lane has a technical marshall i.e. someone who is comfortable with the rules (as instructed by the Chief Marshall) and can oversee each shooter for the kneeler and stander. 5 lanes in all?
Just what they do is up to BFTA, etc - override the score? issue warning? issue advice? photo?

Just a thought.
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