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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Ger, if you can define a set of rules that defines a shooting jacket, all well and good.

Otherwise, one can make a jacket, use it for fishing, making it out of camo and wax barbour, which just happens to be well suited to shooting. Other disciplines have the same issue. Camo jackets that turned out to be sniper jackets... are they shooting jackets or not?

You'll have real fun with the ISSF You can still drive a barge through their rules.

A simple definition of what a shooting jacket is, not where it was sold from, or how it was last used, is the crux.

Going a bit OT this thread...

Is John's cordory affair a shooting jacket or some lounge number?
Rob, the point I am really trying to make is that with all these things ( jackets,slings ,gloves , alternative shooting positions etc,etc) you either have to ban them or let every one use them in any configuration that they can think of. As you quite rightly say the ISSF have monumental problems with thier rules ,so how is the BFTA expected to cope, and God help the poor chief marshall who is expected to interpret the rules.

Re. the corduroy jacket ,as a parent I have to say it is 100% a shooting jacket . However I do have certain reservations about that statement especially after finding out who it came from.
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