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Ft for definite..? not HFT?

to the BFTA rules...

2 targets per lane, 8-55yds out. 25mm under 35yds for non positional shots, 40-45mm everything else.

prone has to be unsupported, any other position cannot make use of support other than the body. For kneelers the leading hand must be unsupported. Sitting tends to be the normal position. Bean bags can be used for sitting on, or support under the ankle or the knee in kneeling... but the knee must touch either bag or ground.

two posts define the shooting gate, the shots must be taken within this gate, with the shooter's body entirely behind the line but able to touch it.

timing is 2 mins per lane, but it's considered optional sometimes away from the more major events... clock starts when eye goes to scope.

it's either a hit or a miss. Targets must be unobscured including the entire plate, in all positions.

rangefinding via scope, and scope adjustment is allowed.

as far as guns go, anything goes.

SFT is the same as above, but it allows only a 12x scope max setting, the scope can only be focused once per lane and before it's used to address a target ... ie you guess your range, but focus the scope to give you the best view of the two targets in the lane, but this can only be done once per lane.

SFT shooters have to go first.
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