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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Cant say i am impressed with the new specs.

all is clear but have the sensation of being in a Goldfish bowl!

anyway, bit windy at Tondu (so whats new ) but managed to set up some sahpe.

low and left at 9 m upon swapping scope.

click here and there and any 15 ml at 9m is mine! Seemed to be a bit off at longer ranges so some more twidlling and all is happy. Moved the cheeckpiece out /away though as new specs were hitting it. New set up feels much better.
After a few minutes it seemed as if my eyes settled and the scope markings were then out, 50 m = 45. Moved the wheel and only the close focus adaptor markings (below 9 m)were out, which was good.
scope snaps in and out superbly and it was nice to be shooting REV with a proper trigger

all in all happy days. May even have picked a car!
Ere is this one of them twatter fings that them posh people with loads of money talk B******S on(I am on the Karzy having a dump and it is now 20:52)
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