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Originally Posted by Jcos View Post
Mr.P. I was expecting this mail from your good self requireing further clarification on the subject ofshooting jackets. ( Things have just not been the same since talking to you in Wear Valley Council offices).

1. A cammo waterproof parker ,is not a shooting jacket.

2. A waterproof Barbour jacket is not a shooting jacket.

3.A shooting jacket that can also be used for bondage is a shooting jacket.

With regard to the rather fine photograph of yourself and a certain young man from Durham taken in Newbury. It is quite obvious that you are wearing a shooting jacket , it is even more obvious that he was useing a rather well worn shooting jacket ,that had been used by the previous owner more for bondage than shooting..
Hope this clarifies the issue.

Regards Ger.
Ger, if you can define a set of rules that defines a shooting jacket, all well and good.

Otherwise, one can make a jacket, use it for fishing, making it out of camo and wax barbour, which just happens to be well suited to shooting. Other disciplines have the same issue. Camo jackets that turned out to be sniper jackets... are they shooting jackets or not?

You'll have real fun with the ISSF You can still drive a barge through their rules.

A simple definition of what a shooting jacket is, not where it was sold from, or how it was last used, is the crux.

Going a bit OT this thread...

Is John's cordory affair a shooting jacket or some lounge number?
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