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Originally Posted by Jcos View Post
Well said Conor. Ban all slings.and anything that resembles a shooting jacket as well. All guns should be carried round a course in a gun bag. Let the chief Marshall get on with the marshalling instead of expecting him to be some sort of Senior Consultant with a mythical rule book full of calculations and drawings decideing who or how people are going to shoot.
Mr Costello sir advice needed please. WHAT IS A SHOOTING JACKET?
I have got a cammo waterproof parker that I purchased for shooting and some times walk the dog, is this a shooting jacket?.
I have got a barbour jacket that I purchased for fishing and now only gets used for shooting, is this a shooting jacket?.
I have also purchased a shooting jacket that can also be used for bondage due to the rubber pads on the elbows and the grippy shoulder pads that stop your butt slipping,is this a shooting jacket?.
Finnaly I went to Newbury and cleared the course only to be beaten by a young man from Durham
WEARING A SHOOTING JACKET Please advise Kind Regards Steve(very confused)

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