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Originally Posted by Delphinus View Post
I had the same doubt before and it dependents on the marshal, so Iím using a sling the same way the biathlon shooters use, one part itís permanently attached to the rifle and has a hook to attach to the arm band.

If you need I can take some photos.
Thanks, I've tried the single point but not quite what I'm looking for, I'm going to try the round the back and over the shoulder style for standers but I wanted to keep my current sling which is set up nicely for kneelers. I've sorted it so I can shorten one sling if need be, the tactical strap looks nicer though ! The rule is I think ambiguous; it refers to ' use a single strap' but I intended to 'use a single strap' just different ones! the only reason I was being pedantic is my current leather strap is nicely shaped when kneeling, the new strap, although adjustable now doesn't feel as comfortable on kneelers but works better on standers.

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