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hi mate thanks for the kind offer
i just want to clear this up !! as for the 6-7 boards squeezed within 11-12ft of land to which i asked for a 25yrd zero board wich was taped out with a 25ft builders tapewasnt brilliant with 12inch grass at the end of your rifle (perhaps folage was the theme)...i personally think what you do is fantastic i take my hat off to those of you who can manipiulate pellets through branches brambles , even hit them when they are clearly
not visible
i was not at all dissapointed with the course,mearly just that it was not advertised as a non UKAHFT spec
course, i was hoping to get a bit of much needed practice at a UKAHFT affiliated club of which i have many friends Not to spend X amount of pounds on a format i do not have an interest in shooting

perhaps now i understand how this event is run,i can come along with a springer , some razor blades ,and have a realy realy bad day next time

anyway as for meon i wish you all the best and hope to see you at other future events


M.A.D for it

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