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Originally Posted by elite warrior View Post
No mention of it being a random event shoot!! £20 fuel £10 to shoot.. 5 pegs in go home
I no it will **** people of me posting this but tbh i dont care!
To turn up to an advertised shoot on here! then get there and have a zero range of 6 or 7 boards
It would appear that theres only 15 targets as they had to be shot twice through heavy folage
Lying on brambles Ect.. Little dissapointed

Martyn I am sorry you were disappointed but everyone else seemed to have a good day. 5 pegs in thatís only 3 targets you shot at, on the day there were well over 40 individual targets, pistol, gamble and open.

How many boards do you need to check your zero? 6 or 7 seems more than enough to me.

All the kills were shoot able if you had the ability (56 out of 60 points for the top score) ok sometimes you had to wait for the wind to move the foliage to get the clear shot and some interesting positions were required for the best option. The course was challenging and you had to think about most targets (I didnít knock the first 2 down either). As for brambles well I had to lie down on the wet ground for the prone shots but then again I could have taken them standing I suppose Ė we were in a wood shooting Hunter Field Target what did you expect!

Thanks to Nigel and Andrew Frost for the pistol course as I have never tried this before and I even managed to come second.

Once again I am sorry you did not enjoy the day but I will make you an offer. I will personally pay your entry fee next year on the condition that you try all 3 disciplines on the day and complete the course. I am confident you will enjoy the day.

Nigel B
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