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Default GP 4 not for me :-(

Glad it was a good shoot but I started the car at 5:30am and went a few yards until I noticed steering was a tad "heavy" - sidewall puncture. Went home, tried to pump it up - not a chance. Tried to swap it for the teensy weensy temporary and the wheel was stuck on the hub so had to wait for AA. Nice chap (young and strong!) switched the wheel but by then I couldn't make my am session (not 100miles at 50mph max and decidedly unpleasant steering and braking with the temp). Found somewhere that was open on a Sunday but had to wait until 9:30. had to have 2 tires changed so they matched :-( I couldn't get all the gear in the back along with the bad wheel (AA chap said he had worse problems - a Porsche plus punctured wheel doesn't fit - not in the "storage anyway" ) so got home and by then I couldn't even (at legal speeds) make the pm session.

I tried sending PMs to folk (and an SMS to a club mate who was in the pm session) but I doubt anything got through in time. Might be worth having a bookings contact tel. for such sad days so that it might be possible to let the booking-in folk know there is a free slot on a lane?

Could have been worse (puncture on the M25 for example) but I did catch up on mowing the grass, chores, chores ... not as much fun though :-(

Rear tires may very well need changing soon but the tire place seemed ok with them for a while longer. Damn potholes and broken kerbs...

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