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Default I`ll Huff and I`ll Puff and I`ll fall over

Gp 4 Mad.

Craking Curry and several pints of of Murphys saturday night, celebrating 13 years of marrige

I did say This Gp would be a write off

All fine on the Zero range, No 27 scope on Priest firing 4.50 sized dai 39 were spot on.
Fridge thermo showed about 18 degrees and no signs of kestrals today, just that Fish Vulture that has started stalking methis season

My newly turned up Gimp ala Godfrey Fisher was just write in the arms, I thank you.
Least he got his 10 back . As he said he would not have taken it off anyone else but made an exception for me loli
Thanks Friend

Lane one was a treck from the Pm Briefing, least the area of the pm breifing. Dont know what happened but the Briefing did not happen, we all stood round for 10 minutes then Little Jack walked off and everyone followed lol.

Kneelers. Now so far this year i have been good on kneelers, rock steady.
However lanes 16 - 20 ish were on a slope, ok if you were Right handed and sitting, but kneeling I was falling forward. Managed to hit the short one but was lucky to hit the plate on the long one.
Its a bugbear of mine when firing positions are on a slope if the firing area is not dug out flat, ala a shallowl foxhole. Dop did not see my point on this but as he is not Left handed or 20 stone I guess thats why.

I look all wrong in the photo and it was all wrong looking down the scope. not a happy Start

While my Good friends and shooting pertners Woody the slim apparently hit both of them?
Could have sworn we all missed a target in lane 1? Oxygen starvation !!

and Old Fishface pulled one of the kneelers, but that was later?

I might have to change the way i use the bag on kneelers and use it as support rather than just for keeping the knee clean, ish.
I have tried it and its much steadier as it takes the weight.

The slope / hill sections were a struggle with seating on a couple of lanes after the anniversary meal but I managed to fluke my way through them and did not miss from lanes 17 - 25.

Fisher missed the long stander around lane 20 ish and so did poor old Woody, who cdid not even get to hear a dink!
Some things even them selves out though and I produced what i hope will be my most Flukiest shot this season.
At least standing i could breath but the legs were not happy
I only just made the short stander, hitting inside 11. Legs were like jelly after the hillclimb and on the long stander (i did not range it just stuck 40 m / 44 y in the dial and aimed)
I was convinced when i pulled the trigger i had missed as crosshair was bouncing down bellow 6 just out of kill. it went down though, pure fluke no skill.
I appolgized and the boys offred to give me a 0, but i thaught it too generous so declined.

Stayed clear until walking back to lane 1. Not much of an uphill shot but enough for me to struggle breathing (Curry belly) and i under ranged target 2, making it 43 m / 48 yards. everyone else found it to be 52. I hit just below 6.
Lane 2 saw target 4 which for me was the best on the course. Long target, shot from the field back into the edge of the woods. Again firing up at and angle and i under ranged it again, getting 45 m / 50 yards when the othersd said 52 - 54 yards. I gave it insed 9 edge and it went straight, landing on 7. If I had gone down the middle would have had it!

Missed another long kneeler but this time a pulse was throwing my crosshair l -r - l.

Flucked another stander and missed the last stander of the day, but considering my condition today 3 ex 4 standers was nothing short of pure luck lol.

What did come to light today was when filled to capacity, my slightly larger than normal Belly stops me breathing. This very quickly results in me vision going and thus the differculty in range finding the two targets i under ranged. i was not ranging on the white face plates, but either the drawing pins holding the target number in place (no target numbers on the firing lane today ??), the grain in the wood the targets were sitting on or frayed string ends, or in the woods the tree.
Even calps was impressed with my belly today as he had to breath in to squeeze past at one point lol
Given those Anston chaps liling for High tree shots, and rightly so if you have trees and can climb, I will be in six pack shape for gp5

I would have liked to have seen more targets out in the fields as the 6 long ones that were out in the open were the only ones I "thaught" about coming out of kill for. I thaught the Hill section at gp 2 was excellent, despite the climb.
In the end i went edge on the long ones in the open and its all that was needed, apart from mis rangeing two
I stayed in the kill for all but 1 target at gp 2 when in the woods, picking an edge. Today in the woods i did not even bother with edge most of the time. It was straight down the middle.
I went edge on the long 50 m ish one high up the tree and when we reached our last lane which had a 25 ml high up a tree at 32m and a long 45 + ish m target I went edge. Tricky l;ane to finish on but again both pellets went stright! Thats the trouble with these thick woods the wind does not seem to get through that much?

Very happy with the Scope, its super crisp now and the resoltution and detail is stunning to my eyes. However picking up new glasses tomorrow with a slightly different perscription so hopefully that wont effect things to much?
Plan this week is to swap no 27 onto REV and meet Woody for a spin round either tondu (unikley due to rain?) so probaly oaktree Wednesday

Hopefully the swap will be fairly straight forward with clicks being fairy samey but might have to find a quiet and sheltered place to set up Tuesday as its the best day of the week weather wise.
Hope Arms dealer has not eaten all my (diet) Galaxy bar lol

Plan X is now to do the secong half of the Gp season with REV + no 27 (must get a new Jon harris Wheel for it) and then once Gp 9 is done I may send the EV's for a service and barrel swap?

Priest's barrel was outstanding again, cant say "all" of it was when i shot as i could feel the breeze on my legs during a number of triger pulling excersises but those pellets just ignored it and most of the time went straight. Half a kill (20 ml) was most drift i saw today
Priests barrel just dont seem to be effected by wind as much? Mega Mega barrel!

Thanks once again to Godfrey and Woody, nice bit of banter here and there and on the whole a jolly and happy experience, even when fishace was telling you he had given an inch out of kill just as i was about to shoot hoping i would follow suit lol

Its 1 win each and now two draws

Last but in no way least, well dont to Berty on the win today. 49 x 50, he missed that long target 4 too.
I have been saying there were signs of him coming back onto form now things are settling for the good.
Best wishes for a much better next 12 months than the last Fella
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