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Default Initial results

Hope I'm not pre-empting Roys by copying and posting the scores below

"Thanks for the kind(and deserved) comments.
Weather held out well aswell.Will get results up asap,but briefly
Open shoot
1st Colin Medway 56
2nd Ali James 54
3rd Chris coombes 54 trophy to be given
4th Diane Macey 54 trophy to be given
5th Mick Phillips 54

1st Paul Macey 42 trophy to be given
2nd Colin Baggs 42
3rd Dave Sandwell

1st Nigel Frost 38
2nd Nigel Brown
3rd Paul Macey

Overall Winner
1st Chris Coombes
2nd Colin Baggs.

Top Junior
Owen Waller-open and gamble
full results on mvac as soon as i can
Thank you for your support."

Good result Chris. Thats the last time you'll be allowed to use a pistol

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