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Default Reports of Meons Demise are grossly exaggerated...

Originally Posted by elite warrior View Post
No mention of it being a random event shoot!! 20 fuel 10 to shoot.. 5 pegs in go home
I no it will **** people of me posting this but tbh i dont care!
To turn up to an advertised shoot on here! then get there and have a zero range of 6 or 7 boards
It would appear that theres only 15 targets as they had to be shot twice through heavy folage
Lying on brambles Ect
.. Little dissapointed

Sorry, you should have been told to bring a bed

Seriously, you missed an absolutely superb shoot and fantastic day. Yes there were "only" 15 targets out with 2 pegs per lane. Its how it used to be done before UKAHFT and shouldn't be confused between the two. Think of it more as "classic" HFT. Each have there own merits and thats how it should be, variety.

Yes there were a couple of pegs where you were forced into a position and a couple where due to the rain the leaves had dropped over a target but nothing that couldn't have been taken either by shooting through or moving position slightly.

Apart from your good self, I didn't here a single complaint and no whistles all day. The gamble was easy enough looking to temp the over confident into a standing shot but also hard enough to ensure that it wasn't going to be cleared.

The idea of running 3 different comps in one was refreshing in concept and many who would not normally pick up a pistol had a good go and enjoyed themselves, with some surprisingly good efforts (Good Shooting ChrisC). It's certainly a format we will be using

Great food from the "chuck" wagon and superb company.

Well done Meon

PS. The only downside is that there was no liquid prize for knocking down the micro target on the pistol HFT with a .22 HW45. I think I should have had a barrel of Swift one or Wallops Woods for that one

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