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Default Quick question

I have just swapped my Ripley for a EV2 MK4 in a Paul Wilson stock. I am shooting JSB Express and want to run them around 795/800. I put some shot through the chrono and they were doing 765/770, I then tried adjusting the power on the side of the rifle...but no matter what I did I couldn't get the power up any more. I then removed it from the stock and tried adjusting from the rear of the rifle (there is no AT fitted) but matter what I did the power would not go above 770. I then took the rifle to SCR (Dave Brayford) who put it over his chrono and a 10 shot string was between 763 and 769. I am pleased with the consistency of the rifle....but would like to get it running at around 800. Now for the big question....IS THIS REG PRESSURE? and would raising the reg pressure cure the low power. Cheers. Neil.
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