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Raven headed? Has he gone all Just for Men?

When i got my* 200 thermal probe out and did some testing the temp strips on the scope weren't far off ambient in that area. They took longer to react, but not wayyy of.

*I say my probe... it's actually the whirlpool engineer's one who left it after i gave myself food poisoning after "cooking" some chicken in my oven. Whirlpool's criteria is within 10% of the temp on the dial... doesn't matter that it took an hour to get up to 180 degrees when it said it had been at 200 for 45 minutes, within 10% does... and 180.4 is close enough i'm told.
So i don't feel sorry in the slightest that i forgot to leave it on my front porch when he drove back the next day... i was a little weak after spending 1/2 the weekend talking to the man on the big white telephone.

Anyway, i digress, it'a accurate and i think for what we use the sticky on ones are as well.

Does your's go sub zero Scott?
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