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Ok, i'm going to start logging what i see with my main rig. It seems pretty chrono stable and i zero on known targets which don't move at my home club, without ranging, so that rules out speed and scope ranging issues.

I reckon a margin of error of 1-2 clicks should be allowed for the long ones. I don't tend to be worries about 1-2 clicks sub 15yds either, and at 8 & 10 i just get close within a few mm on paper and leave it.

The way i do my numbers works like this... 6.3 = 6 MOA and 3/8th clicks. 2.1 = 2 MOA and 1/8th click. I don't bother setting my turret to zero at the zenith.

1/8th clicks. (8= 1 MOA)

- (minus) 350 ft DA Set autumn/spring

RangeClicks (Base 8, not 10!)
55 yds 6.0
50 yds 4.4
45 yds 3.4
40 yds 2.4
35 yds 1.6
30 yds 1.4
25 yds 1.4
20 yds 2.4
15 yds 5.4
10 yds 1 turn 2.6
8 yds 1 turn 8.0

- unknown DA (from memory -1000) Set mid/deep winter

RangeClicks (Base 8, not 10!)
55 yds 7.0
50 yds 5.6
45 yds 4.2
40 yds 2.7
35 yds 1.8
30 yds 1.4
25 yds 1.4
20 yds 2.4
15 yds 5.4
10 yds 1 turn 2.4
8 yds 1 turn 8.0

I've got notes on these numbers taken from comps where i've made adhoc adjustments on the day suggesting i've moved between 4-6 clicks at 55 yds, and nothing at around 35... unfortunately i can't tell if that's up or down

In comparison, at +1000ft Da at 55yds I was dialing 4.6. I haven't redone the numbers, DA seems to be running high even with the wetter weather this week. If i can get down the range and do a proper set of numbers i'll record DA and post here.

If i can find a correlation I can do some more rigorous testing to start dialing out possible errors. Till then i'll try and log when i notice a change and redo all my numbers, and resist the urge to tweak the speed, change pellet or change the scope positon/height... but to be honest i doubt i'll be fiddling with much this year.
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