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Originally Posted by chunter177 View Post
Hi guys,

I recently bought a Nikko Diamond (10-50 x 60) secondhand which I am finding a great scope. It's a mark 1 I believe - the turrets are black, not green.

However, the elevation turret is very stiff; it is difficult to feel the clicks through it when adjusting.

Can anyone give an advice about how to make it EITHER easier to turn (can the turret mechanism be loosened/oiled?); OR is it possible to make the clicks more pronounced, so you know exactly how much you're winding on?

Many thanks.

There's a o-ring that seals the bottom of the turret, these get dry and stiff with age.

You can either remove the turret and remove the lower o-ring, or remove the turret and lube up the o-ring.
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