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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
About the size of a mobile phone... it's basically a small weather station so you could measure all sorts. You wont see variation across a range.

But if people want to cheat then there's all sorts of ways it can be done. Or we end up with some sort of pre scrutineering of all the kit like ISSF

It's not really meant to be a tool for shooting predictions for me, more a tool for looking at why sometimes you see a shift in trajectory. Thus enabling me to work out what is happening... is it scope, gun, or something else. Throwing a chrono on the rig only shows it's spitting the pellet out at the same speed... if i'm seeing a big shift i'd like to know why... is it the mounts or something moving, or is it a predictable phenomenon that i need not worry about?
In the general discussion about gadgets and so forth,.......we seem to have missed the real key to what happens when the climate changes at a static location, or the location and climate are diferent to the one you set up your rifle and clicks in.

The heart of the matter is in fact; what changes are happening to the terminal speed of the pellet, in:
A) less dense air.
B) more dense air.

The initial pellet speed is almost always exactly the same irrespective of DA. A different DA to the time you set up your rifle/scope/trajectory will show a different terminal pellet speed. A different terminal pellet speed will give the low or high shots. We are back to our old friend Coefficient of Drag.

The key to disovery is to then use the DA readings in conjunction with chrony readings of terminal pellet speed in different DA conditions. Its the only scientific and reliable way to get hard data to base your adapted click charts/settings on.

We have all seen it. No-one has put in the work and study and time to prove it to date. I've only got part way, and have not the time at the moment to carry on as I would like to.


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