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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
indeed, and the way you loose money to me, tool and gilly you are going to need CHARITY by the seasons end
we will see, as for gilly ive got the edge on him (your hero) as for u, im not convinced of your credentials as an ft shooter yet! until u win something that i think is credable, you will be just
another shooter to me u cant dine out on that tenner for ever, not to mention that course was woefull at the bfta champs, i shot next to berty that day, he found it that easy he was shooting 2 targets in 30 seconds, when i get u on a proper long course, i know who will win... me, but with the current gp rules, ie loads of reducers, short courses we could be waiting a long time, unless u do the euros...!!!!!!!
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