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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Went back to Oaktree today as the weather forecast is the only dry one of the week.

as it happened forgot the dai 39 i Sized last night so did not shot but did manage to provide a nice meal for the midges while checking ranfgefinding of no 27 Leup.

Definatley a much better rangefinding scope than when i baught it after being re-parallaxed.
Worst rangefinding result i had today was ranging a 48m Black target 45m. In theroy pellet would still have crept in lower part of kill.

Thats presuming the rangefinder was getting a good reading. all other ranges were either spot on or usually the reange finder gave a reading 1 m over the scope.

Rangefinding on either the frayed strings or the rings in the wood on the platforms the targets are screwed onto.
Need to get both scopes side by side now down Tondu (no midges) and check the range finding side by side at variuos distances on black, White and yellow Targets.

Found White easy to range find on today but of course in the thick Oaktree woods there was little direct sunlight.

I am expecting such a test to produce the best results from no 27 now, which may well lead to a scope swap?
Sell them both, and buy a couple of nikkos
EV2mk4-Nikko nato mk1
Pro-Target-Nikko nato mk3
TX200mk3-Bushnell elite.
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