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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
How small is the kestral unit?It does not look that big?

I presume if someone had it int he car park at a shoot, it would give a fair reading of the course conditions in most grounds?

Thus, if someone really wanted to get a reading they probably could? Even a team mate walking the course (shooting another session) could i suppose slip it out briefly ( no tree required) and take a quick reading, passing the info on to team mates? Saw simular done in italy about course conditions
About the size of a mobile phone... it's basically a small weather station so you could measure all sorts. You wont see variation across a range.

But if people want to cheat then there's all sorts of ways it can be done. Or we end up with some sort of pre scrutineering of all the kit like ISSF

It's not really meant to be a tool for shooting predictions for me, more a tool for looking at why sometimes you see a shift in trajectory. Thus enabling me to work out what is happening... is it scope, gun, or something else. Throwing a chrono on the rig only shows it's spitting the pellet out at the same speed... if i'm seeing a big shift i'd like to know why... is it the mounts or something moving, or is it a predictable phenomenon that i need not worry about?
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