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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
With all due respect fook off I must of cheated my way to the Worlds or bought my points over the two days. You should be glad I haven't got my maroon yet!
Originally Posted by ANDREW GILLOTT View Post
Kingplinker, all can say to this post is that my Steyr dont shoot its self. Still down to me pulling that trigger if you get my drift.
Originally Posted by duckhunter69 View Post
I dont buy targets or cheat as Andrew has written its down to the person behind the trigger. and I think you should buy the best equipment you can afford I started FT with a BSA Superstar and a 4 x 32mm scope .22cal. but as I have got better I have progressed to better equipment so please dont say we buy targets ...You dont know what you talking about..Karl..
Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
I don't have either ! So maybe it's not for me too say ......... but you can't buy targets you still have to pull the trigger what ever discipline FT or HFT or any shooting sport !
There's nothing wrong with having nice kit & maybe it doesn't make you any better...... but it's better to use & if it's better to use & gives you confidence then hey ho why not !
People spend there hard earned cash on what they want too, so you shouldn't call people cheats because they shoot top kit !

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