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Default Steyr and Dommie shooters

Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
Evening love monkeys

Can we please have an elitist thread where we all condemn steyr and dommie singletons as self obsessed liars and cheats who are trying to buy targets ?

Get a life you egotistical thousand pound gun luvvers and buy an honest s200 and live on the ground with the other mere mortals in the shooting community !

Oh its no use ............... if only I had the money .

I dont buy targets or cheat as Andrew has written its down to the person behind the trigger. and I think you should buy the best equipment you can afford I started FT with a BSA Superstar and a 4 x 32mm scope .22cal. but as I have got better I have progressed to better equipment so please dont say we buy targets ...You dont know what you talking about..Karl..
Steyrs ...Walthers....Leup`s...and some Springers

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