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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Can't make the first round but as they are on a Saturday will try and make at least one.

Nice one Pete.

We are planning to have a 31st shot called the Money Moose that will be set out at random ranges of between 50 and 75 yards. 1 of the entry fee goes into the pot and the ones that knock it over will have thier score cards put into the hat and drawn out at the end. You don't have to be there to win the money so those wanting to shoot and leave can do so and still have a chance of winning a few quid. 10 will go to help for heroes with the remainder of the pot going to the winner. If we have enough FT lads shooting kneeling and standing then we'll also put on a trophy for that but those shooters won't be able to range find the money moose

The Money Moose will be put out on the morning of the shoot by a single Emley member who then can shoot the target but won't have thier score card put into the hat for the cash. That way no-one on the day will know the range so it's all fair.

No plans for a burger van but if numbers are good we'll see later on.
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