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Originally Posted by mundungus View Post
I've got to agree with Simon and Hotshot.

You're looking at the grading system from the point of view of someone who aspires to get into a higher grade.

I'm very much involved in the stats for my region, and in my experience the only time I get questions about 'being put in the wrong grade' it is always from the point of view of someone who wants to be put in a grade lower than their ability.

Giving anyone a zero will skew the grading data to everyone else's detriment and plays into the hands of those who want to take trophies from the lower grades.
Yes, I see that now. I find that just alien and such folk should be made unwelcome. Scoring well in target shooting is all about skill, knowledge and in the outdoors a bit of luck. Getting things "right" on the day is the most satisfying thing, comparing a score with those of the higher grades is all that matters to me.

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