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Much the same experience at GP3 as Barry describes. One thing I did notice, once the entries started to flood in, was that there appeared to be a little confusion when there was a group booking. In the majority of cases, the person entring the data seemed to have to repeat his own entry below. The system, however, does appear to pick up the name of the orginator as an entrant to the event automatically anyway. While this worked well for the vast majority, there was at least one case where the originator didn't actually want to book himself in. This resulted in a cancellation being necessary.

There were a number of cases of duplicated entries, with one booking himself in for both morning AND afternoon sessions. It wouild be helpful if there was a 'Cancel my entry' option in the system.

Also, it would be useful from the host club's point of view, if there was question on the entry 'Will you be aged 15 years or less on the day of the event?'

Currently, there is no automatic check on grades by the system. Those relatively new to GP's are sometimes unaware of their grade and book in under the wrong grade. The BFTA policy of updating grades for those with fewer than 3 score records means that grades can change from one shoot to the next. Such entrants may, additionally, wish to elect to shoot a higher grade anyway. This causes a minor headache for organisers, and maybe an additional option on the entry ' do you wish to elect to shoot in a particular grade?' may be a benefit. For example, when an entry is received marked as A grade, yet the BFTA Grading list indicates a B grade, what grade do the organisers assume? At GP2 last year, we wrongly awarded a prize because we got the grade wrong, and we went to great lengths for GP3 this year to get it right. In one case, a check with the BFTA revealed that a competitor was B grade, and not A as the competitor had quoted on his entry. We wrongly assumed that this particular competitor had elected to shoot in the higher grade. As a newparticipant in GP's, his grade had changed from one shoot to the next, and our assumption was wrong - his entry was changed on the day, so all was well.

I know your original questins were aimed at the entrants rather than the organisers, but anything that makes for a smooth operation will benefit everyone.

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