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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Wound up tonight arnt we!

My El Capitano iis too good for me, I only take on the MFTA shooters who cant get in top 5 of winter league,
whats the saying now about a fool and their money soon .......
not long to you handing over the Gp 10

Question is, after Champs and Gp, will you be able face losing another 10 over the mfta winter league?

Far cooler today at tondu and pellets were back on normal flight path.
NO not wound up a tall, your right about one thing, james is to good for u, as for the top 5 of the mfta winter league, ive had a 1st , something u will never do (not good enough) il have a tenner wiv u at any shoot u desire, shoot the euros, il eat u alive, saying that, western park might be a bit to hard for u, its a bit devios for a Lump like u, i doubt u would beat holly there, expierience needed at that place that u dont have
adios amigo, time to leave u in my wake come gp 4.....
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