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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
Thats OK, I guessed my mail must have been 'buried' amongst all the others. Gutted that I missed as was trying to do most but work got in the way again.
Depends how it went Andy, it could have been passed for me to do, and I didn't. When a GP opens the system takes the brunt. Once a session is booked up the system spits out a spreadsheet which is sent to the organiser... after that it varies as to who does what, sometimes i've left it to the organisers and haven't issued cancellation notices myself.

We can implement cancellations for the user to do, but then if they've group booked it kills the whole booking... which is a pain. If i can do it, i can just snip out or move those as required.

That was kind of the purpose of the thread, to see where the problems lay... so far they've been pretty much the subjects I thought they would be.
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