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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
Ther must have been quite a few no-shows at Tawd Vale as well - I am sure they normally have 1A and 1B groups but at the briefing they mentioned that 8 lanes would only have pairs on them.

So that is at least 8 no shows and could have been more???

I understand that sometimes people have to cancel for valid reasons but we should try to avoid the book now and decide whether to go later attitude that may be creeping in. Not sure how you avoid it though - unless you can take payment at time of booking?

Perhaps. 3 people per lane = 75 (without standing squads 1a,1b etc). 8 lanes with 2 on means 8 people below 75 which is 67. We closed booking with 79 and had 3 cancellations which took it down to 79. That would suggest in fact that 12 people didn't cancel via letting me know... but they may have informed the region? Chances are close to the event there's little time for many to be able to get in.

Perhaps I'll make it clear that although a GP may be full, people should email the organiser directly to see if they can get a place... would that help? I'd of course check with the organser first
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