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Default When is a Dai 50 not a dai 50?

When its dai 5!!

Having spotted something in the jsb dai thread, i just happened to look at the G50 pellets yesterday while testing in Priest.

it was then i noticed indeedd they were a letter short, suggesting theyare dai 5 and hence different from the dai 50 i have!

Very warm yeasterday, 30 + degrees.

no wind however or very little, least ealry on.

Results of testing showed Priest likes:

Dai 5 Tin = flyers
Dai 5 sized 4.50 - Failry Tight and flat line

D39 tin = Tight and flat
D39 sized 4.50 = Failry tight and flat line, would say size over out of tin?

D50 sized 4.50 Very tight, best of the bunch.

D10 tin - Flyers
D10 sized 4.50 flat line but spread

d20 Tin = Flat line but spread
D20 sized 4.50 = Flat line but spread.

D36 tin = Very tight apart from one flyer!
D36 sized 4.50 = Very tight and flat line.

As such, allocations of current stock are as follows


D36 straight from tin in wind
D36 sized 5.50 is no wind or slight breeeze (should have used Sunday at Gp 3!)

D5 straight from Tin


d 50 sized to 4.50

d 39 Sized to 4.50

D5 sized to 4.50

with pellet tsting over it was re-parralax no 27 time.

Condition not great for this as sun was in, then behind clounds, then sun, all very warm.

Ideally could have gone back down today to do it but Car trouble has thrown a spanner in works.

Managed to alter the paralax and braught the ranges down the scope, ie 50 m now coming in around 45m and now focusing under 10m, this seemed to produce slightly smaller gaps but with much more snap. thats what has been missing from this scope.

Will try and finish setting it up on a better day. like today!

Unfortunatly Eddie the car went bang on me coming home from tondu yesterday. Not being technically minded i have no idea what is wrong but i think its big! Loads of shuddering and vibration seemingly coming from transmission? or it could be engine, or both. find out tonight when roaving mechanic turns up?

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